Where do I begin…Michelle Obama and more…Tania Tenni ‘Certainly’ Talks


Beside every good, wise, respectable man, there is a good, wise, respectable woman..x

Hi there, 🙂

I’m Tania Tenni (hence where my blog ‘TaniaTenniTalks’ comes into play).

It’s simple, I like to write. In fact, not just write, I like to do it all haha :). Where do I begin…

I remember, it all started when Michelle Obama, The Former First Lady of the United States of America and Barack Obama’s wife, had visited my former Secondary School for Girls back in April 2009. What a day it was.

The school even extended their expenses on professional cleaners to hose down the school streets we usually set foot on – as we do. We (students) were held hostage…just kidding. We were placed into smaller groups in our classrooms before she arrived through the main entrance (the teachers called it ‘bases’ for added excitement.) You could just tell that the whole process excited them but they still wanted to seem very cool about it all. Mind you, they were all pretty cool haha – I adored all of my teachers.

Anyway, back to Michelle Obama. What a beautifully, remarkably, inspirational woman she was. Yes, she definitely brought out the young women out in all of us girls that flooded our emotions and expressions and femininity around her haha. With such force that all the male teachers and male bodyguards close by got struck in awe with all the screeching and exciting outbursts.

What an experience. I love thinking back at great moments like that. Still. Of course, it was Michelle Obama – enough said!

Of course, there’s always great moments to keep close, and just good to see the positives in everything. Not that we don’t ever experience negative moments too; but we know that that’s just part of life; of strengthening what’s within ourselves. Those moments also helps us to learn, reflect and grow into exceedingly beautiful beings; It’s how we react to them that makes all the difference and I’m still grateful for everything. Will always be. Still learning and still always room for improvement.

Anyway, ahem…back to Michelle Obama. I remember what she expressively stated that had still stuck to me to this day, ‘You are the women who will build the world as it should be.’

Such a simple yet, a powerful statement. Sounds cliché, yep just said it and now sounds it, but to be honest at that moment I actually felt free. I felt even more alive and I wanted to make a change. A difference. An impact. To continue to care for others. To continue that for the rest of my life while on this earth. I knew exactly what makes me happy and that’s exactly what is was. Of course happiness comes from within and by taking action, having self-control and being aware comes into play.

I felt more independent as I grew older because of it and I know how hard that can be for many women in some parts of the world. That’s why I never take anything for granted and I will use that to my advantage to aim to help and hope to serve others. For sure it’s best to be grateful, to think deeply, live simply. Do good. Love more, Do more. Give more. Expect nothing in return.

Now, back to me. I was born and raised in the back streets of…kidding again. I was born in London into a big family. One Big family..x

I went to pretty ordinary but equally wonderful schools from Primary to College in London. Then I hit the road to University just outside London to study Education. I commuted there and back every other day and then started to work short-term Overseas during the summer months, and longer term within the professional, educational based environments in the UK.

Generally, I live for the experience. The deeper you delve into taniatennitalks, the more you’ll probably see it..x

I love to learn. You can never stop learning, doing and exploring – as the saying goes

‘Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.’

So obvious yes, but we often forget that. For most of us at least, and I always remind myself to be genuinely grateful for wanting to open up and expand on simply…learning.

For sure, there are times, that stop me from pursuing certain goals I want to achieve but at the same time, I can’t help but be grateful for what I have with what I’ve got. We have more power within ourselves that can ever be imagined. The realisation helped build me more because of it and I’m truly grateful; to be done without saying. You sometimes will get those genuine source of encouragements from those trusted ones, and that’s great – take the compliment.

But I’m not here to impress. I’m here to make some kind of humanitarian impact. I don’t want to just not do nothing, not feel nothing, not say nothing. Because I do. I can. And I want to. Always. I want the Lord to use me to help uplift and just be that seed (hypothetically speaking) to see others shine, And they don’t need to know. My idea of success..x


The beauty of it. Peace..x


Tania Tenni


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