One size fits all

We, and by we I’m talking about the ladies, the girls, the women; we love our fashion, styles, trends and chit chat about where we get our materials from. Usually ;). I guess it depends on the kind of society that we are or live in – the Londoners do for sure, which somehow gets us interested. It’s nothing too serious or personal. For me, it’s just as long as I look presentable on the outside first, I’d automatically feel really comfortable on the inside too. 🙂

Actually, some men are interested in all of that style and having that individual swag look about them too – shouldn’t cut the men out eh. They’re great. Look at David Beckham and Ronaldo. Footballers I know. But they happen to be some of the popular icons for men’s wear. And look at where it got Christian Laboutin. He knows what he’s doing. Mind you, I’m not into all of the high-brand style but am still fascinated by it all the same. Having recently visited the beautiful city of Paris didn’t help with that extra bit of fascination of such brands ha ha.

Ok, so we all come in all different shapes and sizes- and therefore of course, clothes and shoes come in all shapes and sizes. That’s great.

But besides all of that fashionable clothing, sizes and trends etc etc, there’s one size that fits all, without breaking the bank, is…………………………………………………………………………..our smile.

One smile fits all. So smile often, laugh often, find a solution to every negative situation (they do creep up all the time in our daily lives – it’s inevitable, we’re only human.) But one thing we shouldn’t do is to never stop smiling. You can cry and still be smiling – just saying..x

Here’s another smile from me to you 🙂