Less is more

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Rural Kids of Ben Mao, Cambodia. Photo captured by Tania Tenni, 2012.

Asking questions. How much do we share? How much do we want to know? Why ask a lot of questions? What are we seeking? Is it necessary to share so much information about certain things?…ok now I’m getting carried away ha ha. Sometimes, less is more. Less questions, more action maybe? 🙂

So curiosity…does it really ‘kill’ the cat as the expression goes? Hmmm…to me it all comes down to how the question is asked, why certain questions are asked in the first place, how the person reciprocates and what the intentions are behind every question. Whether it be in a work place, or in general – some of us are just curious. We want to know more, learn more, see more…or possibly even do more.

All of this can certainly be reviewed through analysing each other’s body language, the tone of our voice, eye contact – is it there? But how can we possibly do it and get to know each other other through certain ‘social’ media sites. Social…hmmm to an extent maybe. 🙂 I’m quite old fashioned at heart; prefer the face-to face communication, pen and paper style work etc. But believe me when I say my Amma always reminds me of the importance of rolling with the time, with the ever-growing, digitally active part of world and of course she’s right. Using it now and it is important. To an extent maybe. It’s what we make of it tbh. 🙂

Though, having visited and lived in Bangladesh, South Asia (spent 9 months out there – family gap year if you like) and Cambodia on my own a few years ago, definitely opened my eyes by the extraordinary ways that the people and children lived, played and communicated without the use of technology out there. Both being Less Economically Developed countries, more so a few years ago than now shows that, having much less is more.

Even now. Living simply, yet they have the biggest, most beautiful smiles, laughter, and my goodness the hospitality is just…there. Just like in Marrakech, Morocco – what an amazing place. I was certainly able to capture the essence of the ‘hustle and bustle.’ Kids playing football out in the hot, sunny streets. Teens fixing rusty, old cars and engines with their Dad’s and Uncles out in the open space, middle aged women chatting outside their houses about anything and everything, and so on. It’s all there. It’s Present. It’s lively. Full of life. Full of love. Extraordinary. Thankfully, I’m actually appreciative that my family instilled that very kind of loving but excitingly chaotic culture in me to this day – we see it and experience it daily in our family house ha ha. I’m grateful.

Although the company of my family is great, I know I want to evolve, make changes and improve now and continue to for the future hopefully. I want to learn, teach, share, adapt, humble, relax, calm and ground myself even more. Less chaos, more calm maybe? 🙂

What I have also learnt from this is to always

‘Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.’ 

Your instincts are there for a reason. Though, everyone has their own way of bonding with their own families and friends even. It’s great. It’s different. Or it’s just comfortable.

So now, let’s take the most popular social media sites – Facebook for instance, we choose what we share and what we don’t. Whether it be photo’s, written posts etc. I deactivate mine every now and then just so I can disconnect from such phenomenon and to not rely on it – self-discipline sure plays a big part, thank The Gracious :). But anyway, do we really know each other by all of that posting? Do we want to? – Anyway, they are all just snippets. Small snippets of what we share I believe. With moderation, we do as we will right? I like moderation. You can decide what moderation means to you and how you do, use or see things. 🙂 Though,

‘Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.’

There is so much more to an individual than we can make out. No matter how many questions, posting, blogging ;), and how much of an analysis or observations we make of each other, there is just so much more. We just simply need to respect and appreciate how each and every person is. It’s like making endless implications to Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems – and my goodness are there many ha ha. I guess there’s a difference between respecting and actually accepting. But then again, there’s also tolerating..x

I am still learning and growing through the whole process myself..x


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