Love your lows

‘If you are searching for that one person that will change your life; look in the mirror first.’..x – Appreciate and love your own company before anything else first…x

Everyone. Everyone has highs and lows. Of course, it’s inevitable. We’re no Angels. We are imperfect humans who tend to seek a lot, though that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t better ourselves and then start to learn what’s more important whilst in the process.

What I do understand is that they’re all temporary moments or feelings – simply because those moments don’t last. Sometimes it’s all in our head playing games with us haha. Whether high or low, they help ground me in many ways that I am so appreciative of, yet we always want to top up on our level of happiness, peace of mind or excitement, to simply steer away from such negative paths, I’m sure. As Mogahed say’s, ‘We need to recognise that growth never comes without pain.’ That pain could refer to all kinds of pain. Betrayal, hunger, struggle, loss etc.

Once there’s enough faith, self-respect and see yourself as a true gift, then you will know how to feel and be content, especially in the lowest of moods. You could really, even end up uplifting someone else’s spirits too. That’s wonderful. Even if it’s for a short period of time, that small gift could really engage with the biggest part of their heart..x

Love your lowest moments. I’ve learnt that myself. We shouldn’t ever compare ourselves to others either. We all have a different purpose on this earth and through faith, we shall strive and triumph our own way. How it’s meant to be.

What I have also learnt to do is that when I need to, I sometimes, quite instantly shift my own train of thoughts or mood to think positively and feel better. Let’s talk about rain for instance. It often rains here in London, we all know that haha :). Like many people, I sometimes don’t like it when it rains, especially when I’m outside and don’t have an umbrella or something to cover my head with that day. Not a great feeling, nope haha. But then again, rain is a beautiful, wonderful, natural occurrence that helps to reduce and remove all that pollution. It cleans the air, and of course it helps with the growth of biodiversity within the city. Great. I love rain now. Rain, come at me. Soak me down. There’s also a blessing when it rains btw. That’s another spiritual story..x

Yasmin Mogahed beautifully writes about ‘reclaiming your own heart and breaking free from life’s shackles.’ Whether through materialistic things, wealth or other people and so forth. These things come and go. It’s all good. Let’s not get too attached now. The book can be read within about an hour or so and it’s full of wonders and beauty. I did a lot of reflecting from that wonderfully, yet simply written book. Beautiful..x

It’s all good..x




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