Sharing is caring

I was taught this. So with a smile, this is what I always say to the foundation stage kids at my workplace, until I can hear them saying it to each other and doing just that. Saying this to the 10 year olds however…hahaha. How lovely. Haha, so anyway, sharing is caring. Whether it be with what’s left of that poor doll’s chopped-up lock of hair and one missing shoe or that big monster, transformer truck that always seems to get hidden somewhere – sharing is caring.

Kids themselves are true inspirations that can help to initiate such understanding. I love how through some guidance, they are able to distinguish between what’s right and wrong so they can help build the idea of mannerisms too, especially within the educational based environment. In fact, kids (and of course the young generation) are seen as such vital building blocks that can help continue to build the future of this ever growing socio-economic part of the world as well the rest of the developing world. Of course education shouldn’t be restricted to just one part of the world, but sadly, we can still presently see this as the case. Of course I can’t stress the importance of education. With the understanding and knowledge of what education can do and provide – it can really allow those young learners to help spread, share and inspire where education is evidently lacking, so those from unprivileged backgrounds will be able to help build their own futures too. As the late Nelson Mandela’s most famous quote shares,

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ 

So, to the kids – sharing is caring. This can easily be shared and automatically maintained through verbal repetition and constant guidance at school, in the home and wherever they go. It’s nice to know and see that these small ushered guidance can help instil such positive, kind and polite manners now so it could help them flourish as they get older too. The great theorists, Vygotsky and Bruner would agree that as adults, we are here to guide them, teach them, support them, nurture them, protect them. Without providing that for them, how are they to learn such manners, and where will they get the support from if we, as responsible adults, teachers, parents and guardians are not here to help them with that. Without it all, we all know that it will only allow them to run wild and do whatever they like. Hence, why we have law and order placed in some Democratic Nations. Other countries don’t have that in place and just look at the difference. But that’s another political story. Let’s not go there haha.

Claxton (2009) would agree that putting some class rules in place, we need to allow the kids to want to learn to understand first. By giving them that space with opportunity and guidance to think further for themselves too. At the end of the day, we are here to set an example for them, to help them to excel and to succeed for the future through which, I believe all starts from a positive attitude, to reasoning and by sharing understanding of it all. Sharing is caring..x

And of course, we can learn a lot from the kids too. Through their early stages of development, they tend to ask a lot of questions. All the time. Questions here. Questions there. Questions everywhere haha. Those questions. Brilliant. I like it when they ask questions just about anything and everything. It just goes to show how biologically functioning, aware, curious and how active their minds are, as they’re just so keen in wanting to know so much. It helps us to think a lot more too. That’s great. Everyone is learning at the same time now. Through simply sharing thoughts, ideas, knowledge and more can help enhance further understanding of the world around us. And it’s just such a wonderful thing, knowing that we can all progress from it all.

I like to end this blog by saying:

‘Live to impact, not to impress,’ let’s also

Live to share, not to impress,

Live to educate, not to impress,

Live to inspire, not to impress,

And let’s keep smiling. It’s all good. Beautiful..x

– Tania