That sound. The sound of the earth vibrating within the West African hidden path, and suddenly, it’s spreading outwards.

We hear the sounds of West Africa.

The beauty of that West African drumming really gets me going (and by getting me going, I mean just by being enticed by the raw sounds of the drum, every time I hear it being drummed out)…to this day. The first time I had encountered with that insanely, lively rhythmic sounds, just got me going. It just filled the room with such excitement. You can’t deny the beautiful, live sunny sounds of the tropics too – raw steel panning. Gosh, there’s stunning sounds everywhere. Sunny sounds I call them haha :). But this time it’s about the Djembe.

The Djembe. You’ve got that Bass. Tone and Slap. Bass. Tone and Slap. Keep going. Keep slapping those head-to-toe, man-made beating drums, with those wise, bare hands, they keep beating those Djembe drums non-stop. And Boom. Gorgeousness. Those sounds are sharing. Sharing the stories which seems to elevate the soul with such tribal, mystical, spiritual and lively traditional activities that is taking place, signalled by those irresistibly, beautiful smiles that they all just love to share, and in that very moment too. Of course they would share it. It’s so naturally welcoming..x


The sounds of the drums; beaten collectively by the West African friends. Elevating the sounds with dancing and prancing. What gorgeousness. It just gets everyone going. The dancing. The drumming. The stories. Even the singing and the smiling. The rhythm and the beat gets everyone going. In that moment. Just keep getting lost in the rhythm and those non-stop beats. It does just that for me. The Djembe. Don’t let it stop. One of the things that sure keeps everyone smiling together, I want it to keep going..x

 The beauty of it..X