Love your sisters from every corner of the earth, just how your love is shown to your own..x

I’m always inspired, fascinated and just looove embracing the inner and outer beauty of our sisters. Every woman though..x

And by sharing our sister’s beauty, I mean by the spread of their intellect, confidence, strength, agility, wired strength to express, the distinctiveness, the capabilities, femininity, individuality and just the whole package of these beautiful women and girls and what they are capable of, who we call our sisters from around the world.

Keep smiling, hugging, laughing, loving, educating, empowering, protecting, cherishing and keep celebrating the sisterhood with all the sisters close to you and spread that joy around the world with them. They’re just like you. Better yet, just as the beautiful Malala had also expressed, they’re the other half of you.

So no matter what, the bond between the sisters is always the strongest..x