The Lion

The Lion. The Lion Bar.

As children, our father always chose to give us the Lion Bar chocolate as a treat.

Growing up, I realised that it symbolised something. Something big that our father wanted us to notice whilst growing up. Though my father is a man of few words, he has the biggest, most softest heart and hug that any daughter would just melt over. His actions speaks so many volumes than anything I know too.

I remember always being by his side whilst he would do the DIY handy works around the home and I loved joining in with him and after hours of working with whatever tools he had, we’d laugh together when it turned out great. Good team work!..x It was also pointed out that my father and I had a growing fascination for map reading, Atlas checks, following road signs and everything related to the countries, listing capital cities, the atlas…and more maps haha. Another quiet connection my father and I had that we absolutely loved. Still do..x

So a man of few words, he would remind us now and then why he gave us that particular chocolate bar.

The Lion Bar. It was big which symbolised the idea, whilst to fill our tummies with sweetness haha, it was also to fill us with love. It was strong, symbolising it’s strength for us to grow up to be strong willed, independent; to have a mind of our own. And it was up to us if we can find that within ourselves and figure it out ourselves. I liked that he gave us that opportunity. And I’m grateful..x

Our father. A man of few words. He left school and arrived in London at the age of 16/17. A maths whizz of a man he was too. Worked his A.. off working in restaurants all over the UK. Cooked his A.. off trying to feed his own family. Never once complained. Loved his parents, brothers and sisters and he would do anything for them. Apparently at one point, we would’ve been Brighton kids haha. London was the place where my father and Mum found solace and so settled here. So because of them, we’re London City Kids – Adults now, it’s all good.

All respect to them all. The roots are where it starts right..x 🙂

He went back to his home country and fell in love with my Mum there, though, it took some time until she eventually accepted and agreed to marry him…apparently haha 🙂 .

He returned to the UK, leaving his newly wedded wife behind, he worked his A.. off again. With his new family and still juggling his own family whom he grew up with, he wasn’t giving up. And still, he never once complained. What a man my father. A man of few words. To me, He was the Lion.

I continue to pray for him. With his generosity. His humility. His love. His courage. His strength. His strong work ethic. His mysteriousness. And he never had to say anything or prove anything to anyone. He just did it. He just was. I pray for him. My father. The Lion Bar himself. One of my biggest inspirations. :), I love him so much…..x