By the Bay of my Beautiful Bengali Bangla

‘Amar Shonar Bangla, Ami Thumai Bhalobashi’ – My Golden Bangla, I love you

– The National Anthem of Bangladesh

The poets, the literatures, the educationalists, the singers, the tabla’s, the artists, the writers, the traditional dancers. The politics. The Independence.

The hidden Bay of Bengali colours. Let me take you through some of the essences and the origins of my Beautiful Bengali Bangla..x

Bangladesh. A Hybrid Nation. Gained Independence in 1971. Has its own language of its own. Bangladesh. Prone to deep flooding. Small country in size, yet densely populated. With its rich history too, what a Hybrid Nation it is..x


The rice eating, fish catching, the spice adding, the curries, the fresh juicy, tropical mangoes, coconuts, banana’s and more, the sun-dried fermented fish and tangy fruits displaying. The growth of spiritualisms. The secularisms. The big celebrations, the huge, colourful street-fair events, the grand bazaars and the ceremonies. The voices. The silences. The bright, lush lily pads. The deep green. The blood red. Bangladesh. The love. The deep, warm hospitality. The deep passion. the humility. That pure love..x

dsc_6580 bangladesh-dhaka-old-dhaka

The loud, busy, lively urbanisms, the rickshaws, the traditional tin and mud hut villages, the colourful bangles, the Silky or Shuthi Sari’s, the Longi’s, the man-made rural straw hats, the fishermen boats, the green tea gardens, the Bengal Tigers, the agriculture, the rich sources of vegetation, plantations, the long serene rivers. By the Bay of my Bengali Bangla..x