Bitter in taste, yet its outcomes are sweeter than Honey..x

‘Verily with hardship, comes ease.’ (94:5)

My goodness, every time someone used to say to my childhood self ‘you need to be patient’, I thought it was all about waiting. Literally waiting haha. Sitting nice and quietly and just waiting. Waiting for something good to happen or otherwise the good wouldn’t happen or come.

I realised that having patience is more than just waiting around for something to happen. What I have learnt is that it’s about coming to terms with how we need to deal with certain afflictions that may arise in our daily lives.

Like I mentioned before, thankfully, through observing and from the work experiences in the workplace, through some personal and educational based travels and of course from personal experience so far, I know and have understood that every single person comes across some sort of affliction. Whatever the cause, the effect is usually the same. That’s where patience comes in. Personally, I needed to know how to mentally and physically implement that in my daily life, so learning how to be patient to get a better result, is where I needed to start and to keep going with it.

‘We are in a state of becoming, and not in a state of being’ – K.Murad

Patience – more than just sitting around and waiting..x It’s about refraining from complaining or distancing from negative energy. To be able to see the positives in everything. And with that, I always wanted to find solutions to things when I know something needed solving; so that things can run smoothly or just to make things better wherever I went. I usually like knowing and sorting things out, though as agitating as it could be for me at times, I did realise, that sometimes, it can’t always work out that way.

Patience – Accepting and thanking the inevitable. The unexpected goings-on and worry. Accepting what’s beyond our control. It’s all good. Even though we may not know what it is now, it is teaching us something. And still will, possibly in the near future, to teach us a lesson. To build us. To ground us. To humble us.  ..x

”Bitter in taste, yet its outcomes are sweeter than honey.” – Patience