The Language We All Know

‘The Universal Language that Everyone understands is Dance.’ ..Xx


Whether we are toddlers, teens, young adults, somewhere in the middle and the very elderly, we’re all moving someway or another. And we love it. Thankfully. You can just tell. If we can’t understand each other through speech, instead, we move. We Dance. We live, we smile and laugh together no matter what age, race or background we come from. I hear just like the Brazilians, they gather and go all out with no limits; forgetting the troubles, they all gather to join in their vibrantly, extravagant, annual Carnival that takes place in Rio De Janeiro. But it doesn’t just stop there. Up north, the Salvadorans appear to gather in daily street dancing with their lively drumming activities, whilst the other parts of the world are performing and expressing their own authentic, traditional dances, whilst making its way in this diverse city of London.

Capturing snippets of our annual, local street festival (above). 19.06.16

It’s just like here, there and everywhere else. Every year, with those lively spirits, everyone in our local area like to gather to experience it all; we see from the very young to the very old, amongst other fun going’s ons, we too gather together and dance. Oh how we all love to dance. Beautiful..x


It’s what’s within us that counts when we can give and perhaps because we want to. From the stories I’ve heard and gratefully, the many inspiring people that I know and have come across, I’m learning that whilst on this earth, no matter what and how,

‘We are in a state of becoming, not in a state of being.’

Gratefully, with a good cheer, we make the best of what we’ve got and keep going. Regardless of how much or how little we have ourselves, there is always a positive way to be of service for others and the rest of the community. For me, just as long as the people are having fun, feel comfortable around their surroundings through positivity, building each other with boosts of energy and overall well-being, socialising, learning and embracing the diverse global community and so being able to do that through…dancing.

 The blessings around us are just so overhwelming it can’t be acknowledged. So let’s just be grateful and thankful no matter what..x


Tania.T – Local Dance Coach of World Dance Club (With Fusion & Freestyle); providing for the young, local community and for our developing, global community.

Dancing, educating, enjoying, embracing, empowering others.

Enhance. Excel. Enjoy 😉 – T..x

Lots of love.

And go keep dancing..x