‘But will you stay a good person when things change? Will you stay kind, caring, with your big heart and your optimism even when your circumstances tell you to become otherwise?

That’s the real test of character.’ ..X

Male or female, related or not related, young or old, I am simply attracted to genuine people.

You may be a part of something, but ultimately, no one defines your own character but you.

“And no bearer of burdens shall bear another’s burden.” (35:18, Q)


It could go either way; good or not so good, without choice, we sometimes fall into those circumstances where someone else’s unseemly behaviour, intentions or actions tend to make you feel that you’re part of it too.

Someone else’s characteristics, intentions and actions should not define you as a person. Every individual is responsible for their own actions. Therefore, it shouldn’t affect you. You are not them nor are they you. It’s all good. Yes, it’s all good because at the end of the day, The Lord Almighty knows, and we know not of other’s true intentions. We only know of our own, of course. 😉

Though, you can often tell; the one who has undoubtedly been through so much in so little time in life, yet can still deal with it in a way that is, so mesmerising.

‘If a wound hath touched you, be sure a similar wound hath touched the others.’

The one who can still pull and share a smile after all that lightness and darkness they have faced, who is still so positive, can still give these genuinely, gorgeous hugs haha, often shares good vibes and still loves abundantly. The one who makes the best of what they’ve got and they don’t need to have it all. My goodness, to me, that is a genuine form of character. And I’m grateful to know such people and still be inspired by it..x

…and sometimes, they don’t have to say anything. The story behind their eyes says it all. I often say this because when I look deeper; through their naturally good intentions, actions and through their captivating eyes, I can see their own outlook on life so far, and it’s beautiful..x

Yes, so I’m attracted to genuineness. Who isn’t…(SbhAh)..x

-T ..x