Walking the streets of such wonders

“Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveller along a path.” ..x

As she wonders through the cobbled stone streets of Ravenna, slowly she stops and takes in with awe of such a sounding place. Simply settling in a quiet road, she discovers so much in what appears like a simply small, yet an extraordinary path to such wonders. What a place she says to herself, smiling with joy. Capturing other insightful regions, she can only share so much, though more plays in her mind for herself to cherish forever.

‘Be happy…not because everything is always so good, but you can see the good in everything.’

As she walks through the red, sandy wall and narrow-like maze towards the quiet, serene Riad, she is quickly and gratefully struck by her own five senses of such exuberating smells; with the scurrying of the locals, the chattering and the laughter of the ladies, better yet even a donkey joins in with what she discovers in the background, eating its way and just chilling out. What a colourfully, cultural path of such wonders she says to herself, again, smiling.

As she cycles her way across the round, busy streets of rural Takeo, she discovers large, grey elephants stomping slowly along the side, minding their own business with their ushers. Nearby she smells the fresh fruits and iced coffee treats that surrounds her, yet happily clears her way. She is greeted with excited “Hello’s” and often shyly given smiles from those youthful, friendly faces, cycling their own paths to local explorations off the beaten track. What an exciting yet a simply soothing place, she says to herself.

As she gathers herself from an eye-opening, peaceful, spiritual journey with her humble, fellow gatherers, she finally clasps at her ever so slightly melting ice-cream pot, she dwells. With her sisters, she soon hurries her way up the hill to finally watch the sun go down a far. What a place of miracles she says to herself, dwelling in such natural beauty, she smiles.

What more, she soon drinks from those freshly cut coconuts by the white, sandy, Flamengo beach, to indulging in the local fishermen’s seafood dish, from the view off St. Paul’s, harboured in its coastline. Soon, being alerted by the loud, local tradesmen of Sylhet, bringing back childhood memories, she has to stop by for those tasty sweet treats to the savoury baked potato filled Shingaras. Deeelicious.

Later on, she explores the right spot to sit by a Café for un café et pain au chocolat and sees the world go by, not forgetting to start the escargots, smothered with melted garlic butter and herbs as another night comes by for her.

What can she say. She walks to seek the streets of such wonders by what they simply have to offer. She is mesmerized by their simplicity, yet acknowledges the extraordinary within its own simplicity.

‘Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.’ – G.Flaubert

Of course, bearing such gratuity of everything in mind, she feels the need to explore some more, learn some more, she wants to understand some more, and humbled by it all, she appreciates even more.

Furthermore, she wills to seek some more, give some more and share some more, until there is no more. Always intrigued, always humbled by where the experiences take her, whether it be good or not so good at times, she is always truly mesmerised by the Creator’s simple creations and plans that has been endowed upon her. ..x

Oh Lord, to you I belong, and to you I shall return.