“To empty your stomach is to feed your soul”

‘But to fast is better for you, for only if you knew.’ (Quran – 2:184)

A time to reflect

A time to be more generous

A time to help more

A time to pray more

A time to learn more

A time to search for pure guidance

A time to gain more knowledge and wisdom

A time to practice more good deeds

A time to appreciate even more for what is given

A time to be more humble

A time to live simply

A time to be more grateful

A time to refrain from any mis-deeds

A time to further practice patience and perseverance

One month of each year is a time to remember to continue the pure goodness from what fasting upholds; through the will of The Lord Almighty (Allah), is for one to continue to keep striving in the next few months and years, to be the best you that you can be.