Bengali Beauty

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The eye of our Bengali Beauty, modern yet dressed in her traditional sequenced sari, dazzling across the floor as she walks.

Her varied dark to light brown mysterious eyes, at times mystified by her appearance, who knew, her DNA touches base beyond the lands. Her origin, steeped through deep history; a heritage, belonging of everywhere. What beings, our Bengali Beauties.

With her silky, jet black hair, occasionally flowing right down her back. My sisters, they’re beautiful.

With her love of reading, writing, the poetries, the arts and more dancing engrained within her, passed down from generation to generation of cultural Bengali to the modern traditions. Dazzling bangles with those colourfully stunning traditional outfits all show her passion and love for her natural feminine quality & creativity. Whilst she always values the simplest things in life.

With her enhanced growth in liberalism, individuality and open-mindedness, gracefully entwined with her spiritual and religious values. Those values that are always strongly intact within her, her faith always gets her boldly yet humbly going. She values mind over matter.

With her naturally nurturing and great motherly instincts with spiced up yet sweet cooking hands like no other; she even knows how to start a delicate smile with no obligation. With her compassionate soul, she’s a natural-born carer.

With her strong family values & bonds, she makes sure every member from the very young to the very old are always catered for. Even partying in such a way and having fun with everyone is where it’s always at. At almost every function, from Bengali co-operate events, mela’s, mehndi parties, birthday parties, house parties, traditional festivals, and of course to those brilliantly big, bright, bold wedding celebrations. Oh to those loud, colourful celebrations!

With her love for her mother-tongue, knowing and understanding what it took to gain its unique language, she feels to embrace her speech of bi-multi-lingualism to gather and to keep connecting with the rest of the world, the world that has shown her through to her own true individuality.

There will always be more to her than she ever shows.


“Always find the intent to beautifully lift one & other up instead of tearing each other down because no race is better than the other. True beauty lies within the characteristics.”

Dedicated especially for those intelligently, lovely, kind, passionate Bengali Beauties of mine; for the genuinely great women from all the regions of the world. Such glorious women..x

Be kind to one & other. Peace..x

-T.Tenni ..x