A Quarter Century of Life Lessons

Life lessons learnt so far, now at Veinticinco.

You somehow feel more comfortable within your surroundings, because ultimately you just don’t give a sh.. anymore haha. It’s all good.

You know that you will not always know the answers to everything in life, and that’s ok. It always makes sense later on, as it did every time you sat through it quietly somewhere haha. Everything happens for a reason.

You start to value the quality over quantity. Any day.

You don’t let pettiness and negativity get to you as much as it did before.

You realise that change in society is inevitable. You become more adaptable to environments and just accept it due to its uncontrollable nature at times.

You realise that the term ‘success’ is viewed completely differently to what you were taught growing up. And every individual has their own idea for success. You do too. And it’s not always about the bucks.

You truly listen and co-operate in meaningful conversations but become more selective with what you choose to listen. Without being rude of course. It just saves your own ears from hearing total sh.. sometimes.

You start thinking far less than over-thinking, which is great. You consciously or subconsciously plan goals, ideas etc, but still take a day at a time without worrying as much.

You know there will be more challenges to face ahead, because you realised you never really escaped anything in the first place. New situations always come up inevitably. You are now just a bit more prepared with them than before. You use it to help others too.

You realise that some common sayings from family members or from the well-known start to make more sense and so live by them more. Those inspirational people with their words of wisdom are inspiring for a reason.

You know that your own happiness & value come purely from you.

You own your individual responsibility and accountability instead of just blaming others or not taking any at all.

You know and understand that everyone has their own problems to deal with too. You excuse them more.

You become more confident in your own decisions, yet you don’t hesitate in asking for help or assistance when needed either. It’s all good.

You realise that the more busy you become at times, the more you get done, even when an extra favour has just been added to it. You always somehow get it all done.

You become more grateful to your parents and understand their sacrifice. You realise you have just walked in their shoes. And you see it more clearly now..x

You realise that you get along with everyone across all different ages. You subconsciously detached yourself from staying with the same aged people. Gratefully your faith, family, travels & workplaces taught you this more than anything.

You take your financial side more seriously than ever too. Though, you still know how important it is to treat yourself once in a while.

You realise that fewer people means less stress, though it doesn’t stop you from networking for the right reasons.

You just do your thing.

You dress for you, without needing any validation or following current trends. You know that because you are your own trend haha. 😉

It’s all good. Keep living and learning and growing. It’s all good.