Perfect Timing. Always..x

“Everything happens by Your will. For You are the best of planners. For everything happens in Your perfect timing.”

‘(Lord) You are Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.’ (Quran – 39:53)

Aunty Farah – “You seem to like listening. And you seem to love languages. You are a girl of language…you most likely started out just listening to people…listening to understand, then you speak. We have been given two ears and one mouth for a reason…and we are to use them wisely.” ..x

As I was queuing at the Airport, en route back home from a very intense yet a phenomenal 4 week course in the bustling city of Istanbul, a source of brightness had shown right in front of me. She was a sign, a great miracle for what I needed at that moment…and more. A coincidence just doesn’t describe what was to come, as everything at that moment happened in such perfect timing.

If I hadn’t been day-dreaming about my next future adventures by the Lord’s will, I would not have moved my trolley along, without knowing, slightly nudging at this innocent stranger’s ankle. A lovely, serene stranger she was too. “I would never hurt you, I’m so sorry.’ She smiled back and we got talking.

Turns out, her close in-law had also been part of the Training Course a few years back and she instantly related with me about the entirety of the course. Though, my course experience, the people who I met and the City is just another beautiful story in itself..x


Her extent of such knowledge, understanding and most of all, her humility didn’t stop there. I was intrigued by her wise and beautiful spirit sent my way, as she spoke to me..x

Coincidently, we were of course, on the same flight home and we were seated right next to each other, whilst her husband sat right behind her.

Her beautiful, kind spirit did not stop praying for him right there. She was so grateful to have him. How blessed they both were. Adorned by her nature, as she did just that, a lump in my throat had occurred.

Not only had I just met this lady whom I have never met before, but I felt as if I knew her somewhere already; as if I had known her for a very long time; as if she was a part of me. That instant connection I felt with this lady and I can’t recall feeling that towards anyone so instantly as we conversed. Surprised in the most beautiful, pleasant, most grateful way.

Sharing some snippets of what she had pretty much told me on our flight home…

“As you have just done what you did, I agree that it is the attitude of the person of how they perceive the world. It is all down to our attitude when we have the opportunity to travel; we can say we travelled to many countries but then some of us don’t have the passion for its people, the culture, nor does some of our heart turn to humility. We become ungrateful because we have so much more back home than those who have far less. At the end of the day, it’s our attitude…our own character.”


I had told her very briefly about my meeting in dealing with interfaith related communications during my journey in Istanbul. She listened, then from her bag, whipped out a little book to keep. The book contained pretty much what I needed; to make further connections and receive further answers to. Again, perfect timing for everything, my goodness!

She added, “We can listen to understand, we can combine our interrelated faiths, hopes and values, yet can accept the differences gracefully…without having to cause any heated debates or arguments. This is something we should often steer clear from until we have the desire to really listen, respect, learn, acknowledge and understand further.

Our faith is practical and entwined with our spiritual development in a more personal way. We have our own journey’s within our faith…that comes down to trial and error.”

I read the little booklet straight after..x

Even now, whilst we got in touch straight after our arrival back, her words were still at its most sincerity and beauty that I had already felt.

She continues to share light, Aunty Farah. May the Lord bless her as I remember her in my thoughts..x

Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Whether good or a bad experience, nothing is to be regretted nor wasted, for these experiences are here to help us grow, to ground and humble us further; for it happened and is still happening by His perfect timing…x

‘(Lord) You know everything, while we know not.’ (Quran – 2:216)

…so keep guiding..x

-T.Tenni ..x