Snippets of Spring

‘Without hardships we would not have valued ease.’

“Verily, with every hardship, there is ease.” – (Q – 94:5)



“…The soul has its seasons the same as the year.

Man, too must pass through life’s autumn of death

and have his heart frozen by winter’s cold breath,

but spring always comes with new life and birth,

followed by summer to warm the soft earth…


That souls, like nature, must too have their seasons –

Bounteous seasons and barren ones too,

times for rejoicing and times to be blue…

For with nothing but sameness how dull life would be,

for only life’s challenge can set the soul free…

And it takes a mixture of both bitter and sweet

to season our lives and make them complete.” –

(‘The soul, like nature, has seasons too’ – Poem by Helen. S Rice)


A reminder to oneself too. To share such hope, love, faith, care and greatness formed within it all..x

– T ..x