“Your strength is acknowledging your weakness.”

I appreciate and often admire those who can just be themselves and true to who they are…minus the attitude of course haha. A bit of sass though, that’s fine by me. I like a bit of sassiness, makes me laugh haha. Anyway, whether funny or serious, silly or sweet, shy or confident, loud or quiet, I appreciate and admire those who can just enjoy being themselves with all the characteristics they own. No effort, no fronting, just genuinely being themselves.

“Not telling the truth is the quickest way to turn yourself into a stranger.”

Whether internally, externally or both, if you do not like something about yourself, then change it for you. Don’t go to the struggles in trying to be someone else; their characteristics, or compare their features. There is only one them and one you. Be you. It’s all good..x

‘Sincerity is always felt by others…’ ..x

When you see your own daily mistakes, whether big or small, you realise that there is no need to make others feel down or feel guilty, make remarks or being plane rude, as we have our own souls to take care of and often needing to fix, first and foremost. Some of the true acts of humility to keep remembering and to keep beautifully practising ourselves..x

‘Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you up higher.’ – Oprah Winfrey

Distance yourself away from those who don’t.