Everyone Everywhere

Culture – “Accept from people what comes naturally for them; command what is good by custom; and turn away from the ignorant…” – Q- 7:199

You have that one thing in common, with the world watching, playing and loving football from all corners of the world yet equally sharing differences in their techniques, their faiths, ethnicities and of course bringing along the wide range of diversified cultures and colours to share, once again..x



“Play your drums, sons of Ethiopia (and friends of West Africa), so that (they) know that there is flexibility in our religion.” – Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), A Hadith

You share the one land, coming from that one country yet share different rules, regulations, systems, nationalities and even accents from each state, district or borough.

“…Do they then not travel through the Earth, so that their minds gain wisdom and their ears thus learn to hear?” – (Q- 22:46)

You share the one faith yet knowingly come from different cultural backgrounds with its different customs, its different languages, its traditions, dress attire, and more…yet you still share that one faith with one and other. Race is not a religion. It is uniquely different yet unified with that one faith. This is belonging.

“Custom is second nature.” – Islamic Law of the Legal Maxim

“Travel through the Earth and deeply observe how God did originate the creation; then God produces the next creation: surely God has power over all things.” – (Q- 29:19-20)


There is a reason why I love what the world of different cultures and customs has to show one and other, with its similarities, its differences…being abundant, colourful and beautiful..x – T.Tenni