A dedication to her..x

“The hardest job is knowing when you are the eldest sister, where you see, hear and feel everything of those that came after you. Where to begin…”


A dedication to my dearest, eldest sisters around the world…

She has the strongest instincts and knows when something doesn’t feel right.

She is like a second mother, and though at times it may seem annoying to you, just know that she’s been created with that nature and then realise how much of it will speak for itself.

She knows more than what our mothers find out about you first and still tries her best to make situations better, no matter how hard it is to take it all in.

She protects you through her unconditional love as you’re so immune to it, you may just miss how significant her sisterly role is to her.

She feels every pain when you argue and on top of that, she has to strive to move past it. You don’t like it when she’s upset. To you, she is meant to be the rock that isn’t meant to cry, but don’t realise the daily sacrifice she is making for you and at the same time to soothe her own heart and soul.

She yearns to live her life, explore and grow and do the right thing as an individual but knows she has a whole bigger picture to think about, where she knows she will leave you behind one day to fend for yourself. She always hopes that you will succeed no matter where she is in the world, nearby or faraway.

She has that growing spirit and infectious wisdom that ripples across every path she crosses.

She at times realises that as the generation advances in its technicalities, she still chooses to occupy some of the traditions and its moralities; to try and restore its true beauty and its authenticity from some of the ever deceiving, pleasing attitude of the worldly affairs.

Her eyes tell more stories than you will ever come to know.

Her world shatters when something goes wrong. She always feels that it’s her responsibility to fix everything and no one but her knows that some things are beyond her control. She eventually learns to accept it.

She tries to guide you through the experiences she has lived through so far, when sometimes you think she’s lecturing at you, though she also realises that it’s up to you how you wish to follow it. You have your own path to make and to learn from and she does reminds herself of that.

She is just a born leader, a helper, a carer, a motherly figure by nature..x

She knows that truly, her faith and having continuous hope, no matter how many times she has fallen, been bent, tested and challenged, she truly knows that it was and still is her faith that is helping her with the going, the growing and moving forward.

Being the eldest sister myself, and living, seeing and speaking through these experiences, this is a dedication to my dearest, eldest sisters around the world…keep growing, learn to gradually detach from any hurt, loss, pain or betrayal that crosses your path. It’s ok my dearest sister…all this, it’s only making you stronger.

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” – M.L.King Jr

The greatest relief of the heart and mind, is knowing that you do not carry the burden of another human being as they were too created, and are in fact responsible and accountable for their own life and conditions just as we are with ours. Your job for others is simply to show compassion, carry forgiveness and mercy and letting go without any attachments. And above it all, is to keep that good prayer because it’s still a journey for growth and learning..x


-T.Tenni ..x