Authentic Aura

‘Your face is the symbol of your personality.’


*”Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting…”

The world’s perception of (outer) beauty comes and shows itself in many forms…

…and what about the inner beauty, the real self, that humble confidence, where humble on the outside, confident on the inside presents itself without competition, no comparison, no pride, no ego, no arrogance. Just that pure, inner beauty…that authentic aura, that, which is truly beautiful to me. Because it just makes more sense. Because it is the truth..x

“Don’t let people’s compliments get to your head and don’t let their criticism get to your heart.” –

For it will be the only thing left for others to confirm your worth and create further pain when criticised. Do not lose hope nor be sad. Through true guidance, let your patience, positivity and joy enlighten the way for yourself and for others in the most natural, beautifully authentic way..x

For this-worldly life is ever deceitful, be aware of its differences and its desire to turn your hearts and minds away from the truth. As we have all heard by now…beauty (eventually) fades, whilst personality remains. The world has already shown us and prepared us for this by now. The personality is what is everlasting and to keep beautifully enhancing in time too..x






*Charm – Influence, un-natural, spell-bounding, deceiving

*Fearing – believing, loving, glorifying, honouring, obeying, being aware, fearing the wrath and hoping for mercy and compassion of what is Exalted in Might & All-Powerful.