Teachers Keep Teaching

“Remember: Whatever that may be, share what you lived, what you know and what’s true, just…need not share everything. Always.” ..x


Every person we pass or whatever passes us teaches us something, in of course different ways. And sometimes those ‘teachings’ resonate with what needs to be reminded or just heard at specific times. Regardless, every bit of it is teaching us something…wisdom. ..x

Just some of my teachers this season…

With my bold mother’s many, many words of wisdom, she says how there will always be something to be concerned about while life as it passes by…so achieve as many goals now before any concern occurs. (Within reason of course haha).

With a few of my sweetheart friends, where beautiful words from the heart is often exchanged no matter where we are around the world; the God-Loving, selfless sweethearts share their goodness and all; with no ill in their hearts. Bless them..x

My other sweetheart friends, the ones who rule, who are strong, still so kind, giving and always unapologetically themselves. In fact, they all are..x

With the lady by that skin and beauty store, as she locked eyes with me, jumped out of the counter and just started sharing her youthful times, moments, ideas and advice with me while I happily listened. After some time, she ended with a beautiful smile, giving away more unexpected goodies and extra beauty samples in my already discounted beauty bag. She didn’t even need to. Such a sweetheart. ..x

My youngest sister instantly states off the bat, “Di-Di (a term for ‘big sis’), don’t worry, “they” can’t hold the fake-ness for long. It’ll all come out anyway.” My little Miss Sassy and Cutey knows a thing or two…or three…haha..xx

Finally met up with a distant friend by a café in Taksim, holding really big discussions about…everything haha. Pretty insightful. Where do I even begin… ..x

With her sweet melody and its lyrics sung clearly at one of my favourite coffee shop spots, she sings, “Don’t let them take your soul away, not for a week not a single day. Hold true to what you wanna be…be you, only you.” cute. ..x

A response recently heard from Ketut Liyer from Eat, pray, love, “Sometimes to lose balance for love is part of living a balanced life.”

A sweet, sweet friend recently shared from their own close one that had touched me deeply, “We see too much, I have seen too much in this world, it’s better that the eye sight was lost after all. All is left is my hearing and still listening to ‘too much’. But I’m still grateful. Praise God.” Wow. Praise God.

Every one is my teacher. And then there’s more…


-T ..x