The Simpler times..x

‘A childhood before technology took over.’

‘Take a day at a time, without worrying about the tomorrow.’

It’s all good. ..x

Growing up in the 90’s was definitely a time I’d like to write about to remember, reflect and certainly appreciate; having its perks whilst being able to compare with today’s generation. Not to say that the growth in technology in this day and age isn’t that traumatic at all…but on the flip side…it can be.

Growing up with the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s generation will also have a heck of a lot more to say and share; and we are alll still growing up together; through our mother, father, other relatives, colleagues of all ages that came before me, and older friends from around the globe…a blessing.

So let’s go back on growing up in the 90’s, the more simpler times…the good times, for me and my other known 90’s lot, at least. 🙂

The 90’s,

the more outdoorsy kids,

The kids with scraped, grazed and scarred knees, hands and sometimes knocked out two front teeth from trying to ride our bikes from the hill-tops,

the kids that loved reading all kinds of fiction story books, and then recreating all of our favourite characters in real life,

the kids that never cared, worried or fretted about what they looked like except what games and adventure to create next,

the kids that owned walkmans, cassettes and CD’s to listen to music through those solid classic-black headphones, xx

the kids that grew up watching the classic movies like Rocky, The Karate Kid, Best of the Best, Street Fighter, Kickboxer, Rambo, The Goonies, Scarface, Full Metal Jacket etc (mainly with our older sibs haha) Xx

the kids that would cover their walls with favourite “idols etc”…posters plastered walls to admire haha x

the kids that loved drawing and colouring through the ‘smelly’ gel pens and hiding the gold and silver ones just for ourselves,

the kids who loved calling out for one and other during the summer breaks to play and have fun out in the lush, green parks –

playing with sticks, pebbles and stones and making mini homes for the birds and other creatures,

the kids that believed in fairies and all the other fantasy creatures that was ever created,

the kids that loved playing all the silly yet fun board games hours on end,

the kids that had our own language and only we knew how and when to use it,

the kids that loved telling ghost stories with the lights out, with someone grabbing a shoulder or hiding under the covers, and soon waiting for our parents to tell us off for screaming and running out in all directions of the house,

the kids that made dens out of every housewares goods (pots and pans, pillows, cushions and throw overs and the lot,

the kids that had 5 simple t.v. channels with a cable and ever changing antennas, watching shows in colour in the likes of Arthur, Tom and Jerry, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and even WWE Wrestling!

the kids that loved going into the ‘corner shops’ selecting, pick and mixing all the 1p, 2p even stretching to 20p sweets and ice lollies with happiness, thrill and excitement,

the kids that loved climbing and hanging off of trees and talking about what’s it like to be an astronaut, a zookeeper or a firefighter e.t.c,

the kids with the more active, ambitious and adventurous imaginations that never needed to share or post anything online but with their friends, family and just the close ones they liked,

The 90’s, a time of growth and development through the ‘more’ raw approach and handful of slow technical advancements that lead us to use more of our own creative imaginations and critical thinking to adapt to the now.

‘Oh Lord, you know everything whilst we know not, so keep guiding us. Ameen’ ..x