When we dance.

‘Dancing is another way of showing yourself; its movements continues to brighten you’

When we dance, they dance.

With their sequenced bright coloured, group; elegantly yet sharply moving hands to tasselled ankles, hitting the floor, showcasing their stories – The Desi-South Asians know how to move it all.


African – Zulu, tribal, wise, earthy, grounded, big and bold moves, tendered through the earth they go.

With the Cuban flare – The starters and completers of the sensual yet fun and friendly welcoming for all to join with their salsaring buddies – The Afro-Cubans Glory go moving.

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The Arabs – Dabke-ing like a family tree to the more feminine belly dancing- strong, in charge, community, true friendship, in a  file, that keeps going strong.

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Spanish – Flamencoing, the touch, the emotional, touching, red flaring dress, with those sharp tapping feet, hearing every beat piercing through rhythmically, they spin their way to the hearts.

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We all know the origin of dance too. So dance off that ballet too. Spin and spun around it like you can’t stop.

Might as well go streets with it’s free-style, with its hip hop style and beats.

Brazilian’s capoeira, technical rhythm, martiak arts, with its raw roots and history, keep it pumping.

Must I go on…peace..x

-T ..x


(London, UK)