‘Leaders lead, followers follow’

Being yourself is the truth. There’s no truth in you when imitating or copying another’s identity or ways.

“Be you, because everybody is already taken.”

I’ve had a lot of struggle with imitators in my life, from secondary school (highschool), college, work place and unfortunately, through within my own family member/s.

I wouldn’t call myself a rebel but I often did things polar opposite to the norms when it came to society etc. I didn’t and still don’t like common norms, nor following trends or being a part of certain band wagons. Again, with the societal norms, I tend to escape away from it all for my own self. I’m known as a giver, so I often liked and still do escape by embarking upon my travels abroad, to unravel, learn and grow. Always.

Now, I totally get and understand inspirations and admirations etc, though, my two sense often corrects these notions when your own sense of self and being is just being imitated and taken as another’s own and not credited where its due. Not that you need that confirmation to prove it but in other cases, it’s part of the human piss-take. Only at times.

“Don’t let other’s behaviour destroy your inner peace.”

I’ve learnt over the years to rationalise with these pop-up imitators from time to time. Just ignore and change your ways. When I think of it, you just need to sincerely empower others to be confident with themselves (without them being arrogant) and just let it be. Sometimes, we cannot control these circumstances but we can make it better for ours and “their” own sake and peace of mind. Because eventually, the truth will always reveal itself. You don’t have to do anything. Phew.

Don’t go “keeping up with the Jonases.” Look within your own self and Keep up with your own self.”

Remember guys seriously, “you be you, they’ll be them and I’ll be me.”

Take care,

Peace. ..x