The Good.

‘Trusting is hard. Knowing who to trust is even harder.’

The “too nice” action towards some seem to perplex them. They feel annoyed, threatened, under seige, become suspicious, or better yet…even more confused.

So what is so perplexing about a simple yet a generous act of smile, a kind gesture, warming humour and positive energy to fill you with happiness and gratitude? What is so doubtful about goodness, simply coming your way?

Nothing is expected in return from the good. Only to share goodness from those who know how it feels, no matter what life throws at them…because that’s life. That feeling of hurt or else is transferred to the rest of the world with good vibes, pure love, positivity and more goodness. Because they just humbly know. That’s it.


Genuine, good people still exist. And unconditionally and without expecting anything in return, they don’t even do it for them. They do it simply for the greater good and just to see you shine. Simple. Period.


So don’t tamper nor cross with their goodness. They are just as more of a human as you are. And they will only come back ten times harder. And this time, it will hurt.

Take care, Peace. ..x