Walking the Streets of Wonders: Another Part …

“Travel through the land.” – Q -(29:20)

A place of pure natural beauty as she continues the walk of wonders; by the rocky sea with its rarity, with the undiscovered land of pelicans, the 24hour sunlight doesn’t stop the miracles that appear by this place, so, thank you Iceland.

As she spirals her paths through the hills of Braga, over the bridge in Porto and crosses through the narrow pathways, she’s amazed by the richness of the community feel, the traditions that are held strong, to the affection shared amongst one and other, she walks through the wonders of Northern Portugal.

As she returns to the path of the Sultans, she is ever-in awe by the intricacy of the calligraphic designs, symmetries and architecture that belong there. Even so, she never goes by a day nor an evening by the Bosphorus or around the corner nearby with her friends for a Turkish tea…or two.

As she goes back in time, timelessly wondering through the museums, touching, smelling and feeling the senses of the Ancient past, she continues her awe through the scales of the pyramids and channeling her way through the stories of the past again. She’s delighted by the people’s constantly direct, yet a generously giving nature and genuine interactions, to the traditional tastes of the koshery, to the famous watches of such vibrant theatre; she wishes to return to the never-ending wonders of Egypt.

As she once again, returns to the land of the world’s first and birth of pizza, pasta and more, she then finally soaks in the more chilly, cool air of Milano. Just on the outskirts, her heart stays warm with and for the family that first attracted her heart, the very moment they had met, she continues her story in such a land that she calls her second home with them.

As she returns, now south of the land of sardines and pastel de nata eaters, this time, she takes to the places that displays its art and humour in the most hidden yet an extravagant way…she is still mystified by the eeriness of its revealing’s of Lisboa…

As she finally enters the home of tacos and spices, she feels right at home by all the angles of Ciudad de Mexico, with all its glory, the faiths, the history, to the more rich mayan ruins, cycling through the sweet neighbourhood of La Condesa, to the arts and vibrant casa azul of Frida Khalo by Coyoacan, to her love of the classic mariachi band…finally soothing her eyes and ears and vibrations of such sounds, they sing guantanamera, there, she goes…x

As she hears the sounds of Guantanamera, she finally arrives at her true feel of home where the word of the place actually originates. She arrives to the home of cigars, mojitos (virgin mojito in her case), salsa and great intellectuals of the past, the present and the future. She continues to smile as she realised that she has finally fulfilled her longing for this place…this place where she further met those of different perspective and love. She continued, walked, rode, climbed, boated and kept touching the raw essences of Cuba. She continues to go..x


Her eyes have seen many, touched, tasted, smelt and heard, yet so little, little, and so humbled by it all, she continues to live, learn and go…go where her heart and mind wants to take her next and to return to. “Life never stops teaching, so never stop learning from it.” – it’s all around us. ..x

Part 1: https://taniatennitalks.wordpress.com/2017/01/11/walking-the-streets-of-such-wonders/

“Travel through the land, so that their hearts will learn wisdom.” – Q-(22:46)

Peace and love,

-T ..x