Our Mother’s Hand

And we have enjoined you to be dutiful and kind to your parents. In pain did your mother bear you, and in pain did she give birth to you.” Q – (46:15)

Inspired by her strength, her beauty…our mothers keep going.

The mother who brought you up to be the person you are today…and still going.

The mother who can always read you like a book. Period.

The mother who knows your next move even before you have made it yourself.

The mother who doesn’t always get enough credit, even when you think she deserves so much…yet no-one knows her ultimate self and sacrifice, yet has that same equal love and compassion that stems from it all ..x

The mother who cooks like no other, where we always go back to no matter where we have been and what we had.

The mother’s smells and hug that is felt from heart to heart. That touch of a mother never goes.

The mother who is always there when you ever want or need to talk to.

The mother who fights with her child to fight for her child.

The mother who can play all the roles ever needed…because she is and she can.

The mother (the parents) who prayed to have you, where you clearly know you couldn’t in return.

The mother who will always be there, even when she isn’t. ..x


Our dear mother’s hands…those hands with that never-ending love to give and to already have.

Mothers are mothers for a reason. Chosen beyond our knowledge, beyond our capacity, and simply beyond everything, mothers are mothers for a reason. ..x

Thank you mother. To all our mothers. A dedication to motherhood worldwide…to the mothers that are always left behind after we grow and go away, yet cherished and remembered clearly like no other and always…our dear mothers…always.

-T ..x