The day dreamer

“A healthy dose of daydreaming for the better good for you.”

A friend once said, “Those small steps to your own success starts from day-dreaming…”

The start of those intentions, to go where we want to go, for where we want to be, for what we want to do and what the ending can be like…the beauty of it…just a beautiful reminder. ..x

I dream.

I think.

I need

I want.

I do.

I stop.

I plan.

I go.

And I keep going…

Utimately… “He (The Almighty Lord) is the best of Planners.”

“He knows me better than I know myself.”

“He knows what is better and best for me more than I will ever know myself.”

“He is always protecting me in ways that I will not fully know, but do know, that He is always near.”

“He is the best hand-hold ever.”


..just a beautiful reminder. ..x