Tania Tenni..x


The birds are now chirping,

Wildlife blooming,

and those sea creatures are now silently passing waves.

The serenity was once discovered by the mammals, reptiles and more,

Who would have thought the peace they had once explored,

hearing the sounds of beauty flourishing, and viewing nature clearly at its best.

Now out of sight, it’s allowing Mother Nature to grasp and breathe a little more,

Blossom a little more,

Shine a little more,

Elevate a little more.

Now she is thriving,

as we are in reflecting.

The living, the growing, its thriving more than ever can be…

May the bloomings, the chirpings, the cleaner, fresher airy airs, the gliding of the waves, all the serenity continue to thrive, as a new dimension, a new perspective has now come presented in its place,

and in the midst of its darkness, may the Earth continue to shine and show its true meaning of life and its true purpose ..x

With love, Tania ..x

(Tania Tenni Talks blog)