Sweet Spirit

“…sweet spirit are in the eye of the beholder.”

Society does the sweet spirit or the sweet soul a favour and hides them up. Dismisses them. Covers them. Ignores them. Undermines them.

There is always someone for someone. The matched and mistakenly, the un-matched. The sweet spirit eventually find each other that attracts the other genuine sweet spirit.

Beautiful hearts hear and see beautiful people.

Beautiful people see beautiful minds.

Beautiful minds see beautiful souls.

Sweet souls see the best in others; bringing out the best in them, makes others smile, happy and simply enjoy moments even within these little or longer moments.

Sweet souls are beautifully kind-hearted, pure and honest, that simply radiates from within to their beautifully friendly, fun and warm smiling nature.

All deserve to get a piece but not all gain the wholeheartedness of the sweet spirit.

Sweet souls are usually undermined, under-estimated, underestimated by the majority because sweet souls only fully recognise other sweet souls and now I know, that they are rare, unique and uncommonly around. That is why, whether good or bad, sweet souls or the sweet spirits are surely in the eye of the beholder. You either really appreciate it, or you somehow choose not to and don’t. And that’s ok. x

Sweet Spirit, Sweet Soul. Forever sweet, gentle and just gratefully great. ..x


(Tania Tenni Talks) ..x