In my element..x

Nor is she an introvert nor an extrovert; though an ambivert, a free-spirit-natured, old-soul at heart; yet energetic and a passionate go-getter. With a casually laidback, feminine, boho-look – yet still with a hint of that elegant, city-androgynous and edgy sense to her, yes she goes… – …with love, T.Tenni ..x

In my element when…

When I discover

When I travel

When I explore

When I experience

When I dine in…or out with close ones

When I chill in

When I drink tea & my herbal teas

When I devour my coconut water

When I follow my daily, weekly and monthly regimes x

When I listen to good-vibed, classics to chilled music x

When I humour away

When I connect

When I’m with my famo & friends x

When I’m with and surrounded by beautiful animals

When I talk

When I learn

When I help

When I give

When I listen

When I teach

When I organise

When I clean

When I tidy

When I read

When I pray

When I smile

When I laugh

When I swim

When I dance

When I climb

When I play my guitar

When I watch docs’

When I watch movies

When I dream

When I write

When I cook

When I meditate

When I relax

When I am in my element, I silently thrive for me, and for me only. ..x

…and when there’s a lot of depth in my briefness…

So when I keep going. X

-T ..x

(Tania Tenni Talks)

Where are you and how are you in your element…? : ) …