Perspective ..x

“Gratitude draws forgiveness deep into our souls and changes our perspective, it becomes the sweetest blessing.” – Henry David Thoreu

Perspective comes from the moment a shift has just taken place and that you yourself have recognised it my love.

It could be from an unlikely experience or a moment. Whether a major or minor moment, it’s like a little nudge to inform one that something is not quite right here. It makes you think deeper, and wonder what had just happened here, makes you reflect more, and see whether a change needs to be made here; most likely would be a yes. I mean who is perfect; we all fall short and it’s all good. These moments are here for us for a reason and not against us and I do like this reminder and reassurance. Beautiful. X

I like perspective; it helps me shift my mindset, it pushes me to take a step back and wanting to grasp what needs to be changed here, to adapt, to understand further and to humble myself…to change my perspective to push on forward, for the better.

With love,

-T ..x