Our Helping Hand

“And He found you lost and guided you.” – Q (93:7)

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.”

“…only compassion can heal.”

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

“You never know when a helping hand will change another person’s entire life.”

I’m often humbly reminded by the coldness of such seasons here in the UK, by our dear, and fellow, homeless friends roaming the streets, in need more yet still in need at anytime of the year. A helping hand helps both others and yourself. A helping hand also starts from the home and continues to spread on outside..x

I know one thing for sure, a heart of remembrance, gratitude compassion, humility, respect, care and love only brings pure goodness to others and of course to ourselves, no-one loses here. How can there be?…x

Not only does this reminder make us feel good but keeps on enlightening us to keep on giving, and helping others. Because I know, that anyone, absolutely anyone, any place, any country, any town, any city and any time can fall at any moment in their life. Such examples, such stories, such experiences are around us and we are certainly reminded by it, if not exposed to it somehow. If I was to ever fall and to keep on falling, I know I would like that one person, any person to truly help lift my spirits to help me out too. x

Now of course, realistically, there is always so much we can do, perhaps as a family, a group of friends and even individually, yet still, to never stop that extra bit for others for our dear homeless friends:

– Giving out new cosy blankets/throw-overs

– Buying a round of hot meals to meal offers from a local store and/or nearby restaurant/take-away places with a bottle of water and mints

– Re-stocking at local food banks

– Shedding a smile and a wave their way as you walk by them 🙂

– Never to ignore them unless you have that inkling feeling of harassment coming your way. Politely to then minding your way to a different, more open, public and spacious direction, because graciously yet cautiously, your safety matters too here. x

– To go ahead and purchase their The Big Issue Magazine (based in the UK) and always let them keep the change or perhaps even tip them a bit more than the asking price. 🙂 x

– Making donations to charities that support and help the homeless, the vulnerable, the in need, and those suffering from a mental health issue, such as:

“Give a smile, a kind word, a helping hand. No-one has ever become poor by giving.”

…compassion and kindness heals all souls..x

…good and intentional actions all the way..x

Keep on going, keep on giving any time, anywhere…

with love and care to you & I,

-T ..x

(Tania Tenni Talks)