Simply Simple ..x

“When you feel overwhelmed, down or confused, look up to those who have far less than you. Your humble spirits will remove the pride and ego we all have within us; your spirits will be lifted in an urge to sincerely help both others and yourself. Always. That’s the real beauty of it.” – T (Tania Tenni Talks)

“Very little is needed to have a happy life.”

“Be yourself, everybody else is already taken.”

“The more you want, the more you have, the more you want, the more you dream, the more you desire…and on and on…the simpler you have it, with a step-by-step grateful heart, the moment you appreciate and are grateful in it’s full and humble glory.”

“There is beauty in simplicity.”

Simplicity is explored not only through the things, but through our own minds, body, experiences, and of course through our life-styles. Simplicity allows one to feel more alive, more grounded, more grateful, more humble yet satisfied and continuously content with your life, building, better connected relationships with others through kindness and empathy, also happy with your surroundings and own overall well-being etc. x

To simplify the mind, heart, body and especially the soul, is a reminder to live happily, significantly reducing unnecessary stress, no competitiveness, no societal pressures, smiling non-stop and just living in the moment. In addition, often realising that nothing and nobody in our lives will last nor is it permanent, nor will we take what’s gone away with us, solely because it/they had already left us or we have already left it/them. So better to live in the moment and to keep going. No hurt, no pain, no grudges. With all the knowledge acquired, the understandings, the life experiences, the reflections, the living, the changes, and that’s where we learn to understand others and ourselves better etc, so simply, just keep moving forward and keep on going. ..x

The less we expect,

The less burdens,

The less chaos,

The less stress,

The less desires,

The less grief,

The less negativity,

and the more living in the moments,

The more happiness,

The more gratitudes,

The more humble hearts,

The more goodness etc…

So all the more from the simply simpleness of it all…the beauty of it. ..x

With love and care,

-T ..x

(Tania Tenni Talks)

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