Nostalgia ..x

“When you put good out into the world, the good will come back to you.”

It’s ironic, as when I write on here, my little world of blogging, using the internet, needing either an electronic device, be it a computer, laptop and even from my own phone, access to such a thing cannot be any easier. Never is that ever taken for granted though, knowing all the benefits of technology of it, it’s always appreciated.

However, the person that I am, I always have and had this longing for the good times…but what exactly is the “good times” when you can always create good times every day and ahead of us…it’s about keep going, a note from my own sayings haha…

But this is about taking a step back…looking back actually helped me appreciate the now even more so than ever. Because I can even make my present how I would like it to be. To simply surround it by simplicity and the good-old-times-vibes…and only I will know what I mean by it… x

What is the purpose of nostalgia?

Nostalgia by motivating us to remember the past in our own life helps to unite us to that authentic self and remind us of who we have been and then compare that to who we feel we are today. That gives us a sense of who we want to be down the road in the future.’ – Dr. K Batcho

This may be the most vulnerable piece of writing perhaps. Haha…

It’s about being nostalgic. Nostalgia is definitely both a bitter sweet notion, feeling, moment etc…pieces of fond memories of the past that wished were here and alive again (and figuratively speaking :)…

Nostalgia, that longing feeling for the past when things seemed better, easier, and more fun. It’s the feeling behind countless number one hits…we all know that feeling…” – Dr. K Batcho

Funny, what actually brought the memory back was not even sparked from my own pieces of memories (partly, yes)…but the memories of what I had observed through the eyes of someone else….Nobody that I even know of either…sounds funny right? Nostalgic from someone whom I don’t even know…it’s just that feeling. That yearning of the pleasant past moments. Like somehow I know how they feel, or felt so to speak, or like I lived the life they once did. The life they so truly loved and enjoyed. …the old soul in me does ring true here I’d say…haha..x

These nostalgic memories come out of the songs played at the time, to the clothes worn, to the surroundings, the company, to how such simple yet beautiful aesthetics that had once been around within the environments, before all the changes had happened to fit the present times.

I am nostalgic for the good times, fond memories for sure, beautiful experiences of the simple pleasures and past, to representing genuine engagements between person to person, communicating face to face and just simply enjoying the company rather than just via text or by virtual means. Nor playing so-called ‘games’ that I hear is a strategy to win someone over or etc etc these days…

I am nostalgic for the moments of tradition to some healthy extent of course, and only I would know what extent that is haha…

I am nostalgic for the simple life…and that is one thing that cannot be fully explained either.

I am definitely nostalgic for the life before such social media…I never thought I’d be my own person to fall into such social media uses…even when I don’t use it as often, I know my use of it has a purpose. And that purpose is to educate, to appreciate and a platform to simply share and provide service to showcase other talents and it’s not all about me. It’s to represent goodness, good vibes, promote better well-being, yet to also balance that, as I am not on those platforms as often, it is a humble reminder for me to check my own self and my own balance altogether and not get carried away by it and by others, what they share and how they use such platforms, yet to each to their own. x

We all have moments of nostalgia, whatever that may be…such a classic time right..x

I am just nostalgic…yet I know that I am always moving forward and keep going. Got to ..x

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile that it happened.” – Dr. Seus

Some of the slow paced tracks I listened to on repeat as I wrote this piece..x – “Start Over” , “If only”, “Johnny’s story” andI’m a Sensei” (Some TV series and classic movies (The classic and original The Karate Kid Volumes) really do have an effect and hit you to the core in some way and certainly differently…I get it why now.) ..x

With love and care,

-T (Tania Tenni Talks)


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