The curious girl. ..x

“Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained.” – N.Manetta

“The important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – A.Einstein

The girl who knew there was more than what she saw, heard and grew up around. There must be more to know she thinks… more to learn, more to see, more to love doing…and so on. 🙂

The girl who started embracing her own dreams and imaginations, because that’s one thing she realised no-one could ever take away from her, even if it was only dreaming. It was all in her curious, creative, lovely, cool imagination that only she can control and be a part of. Like her little special something for only herself.

The girl who always interacted with her friends through her excitement, her feelings, her words, her languages, her sociability flourishing with fun, warmth and kindness.

The girl who loved asking questions about all that sparked curiosity to know and understand more…why, why, why she would say…haha. x

The girl who always felt unsettled when she couldn’t solve things that needed solving, a natural-born, representing her further track for looking for solutions, to answer, to solve, to help, to heal, to grow, to thrive, to keep going.

The girl who disliked the feeling of being trapped in a box of pure un-healthy, hostile, toxic, one-sidedness, well and truly knowing from right and wrong, she doesn’t stand for injustice and unfair approaches to human interactions and human rights…yes, even at the curious little age, she certainly knew and still knows from right and wrong. After all the unexplainable and unexplained trauma, she still pulls a smile on her face. X

The girl who enjoyed being in charge of her own destiny with her direct contact and relationship with The Almighty, again, well and truly knowing where she stands and with her priority, that she is a server and believer of God.

The girl who knows that her feelings, intuitions and expressions are all respectfully valid and should never be ridiculed, disregarded, ignored nor taken advantage out of, especially to be silenced by her way of thinking and the way she is and who she is. – Besides, our girls, ladies, our women are all naturally wired to be emotionally charged, and know how to balance every aspect of their lives through all this. As some may think “overthinking” or “expressing” is part of a negative stigma, when in actual fact, these thought processes are balanced and viewed in every angle through these thought processes, so better rational and logical decisions can be made for the better good, to sensibly avoid any future or further consequences.

“Live a life full of humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity, and never stop learning.” – Gza – Plan International, a children’s charity. Act for girls Campaign, Because I’m a girl! x

A food for thought and action, never neglect your child, future child, anyone’s child. Never hurt your child, never tease your child, never abuse and again, never neglect your child in any way.

A dedication for my future child/children, I love you very much. I will take care of you, I will protect you, I will support you, I will bring you up in a safe, secure, healthy, humble, respectful and fun loving home, I will let you learn, I will too teach and lead you through good, healthy, refreshing example and positive actions, I will let you make your own mistakes and learn from them as long as you do not harm yourself nor others, I will let you ask questions without stopping you, I will never compare you to anyone, I will always listen to you, and your thoughts and feelings are all yours that will undoubtedly be respected. I love you, my future child. By God’s will, I am looking forward. The coolness of my eyes. Ameen. ..x

“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” (Q, 20:114)

(Lecturer of E.L, a writer, a studier, researcher and reporter of the mind and behaviour in Psychology, a fitness and wellness Dance Instructor by a fun, side passion, and a love for everything in between, with love, T. ..x)

Keep going.

-T ..x