I love you ..x

“When you love yourself, you glow from the inside.”

Know yourself, trust yourself and be yourself. – M.Hasnaa

I love you because you are truly amazing. Wow. (Mh)

I love you because you are the definition of someone who truly sticks up for someone and something that is right against what is wrong….You simply see through it all. Your lenses are as big as can be and leave the wrong out.

You know you have your own shortcomings yet can easily own up to it where and when needed and aim to immediately progress those areas for you and for your future. x

Through God’s will, you are beautiful. Simply.

I love you because of how educated you have become, by choosing a path of academic knowledge, understanding, practice and going beyond the extra mile for your own good as well as contributing beyond for the wider global community, benefitting the society as a whole, of course, for the greater good.

You are naturally and genuinely positive because you choose to be and it certainly makes you feel good, as it ignites and touches those who feel your vibes just like you do.

I love you so much because your humour, aura, your amazing likeable nature – your view of your surroundings and the world around you is unexplainably beautiful and just really awesome! You’re incredibly fun, energetic and really know how to have a good time. You’re basically the organiser, whilst covertly and overtly the leader of good times. Because you simply want your surroundings to be having fun too. Always. x

I love you because you are polite and were taught the etiquette of good and respectful manners, yet you have also learnt to use your voice by your will, where and when deemed necessary.

You use your voice further when you need to set the tone straight and reminded that there is no need for illegitimate nonsense. Sometimes, this also means completely ignoring it too. Period. Yes ..x

I love you because you always give chances and give benefit of the doubt until you realise…

Because you at the end of the day, will not tolerate injustice towards you nor others. Ever.

You have your own back. You have theirs too.

I love you because you are a go-getter. I love you because you are giving yourself all the time, effort and love to do exactly what you want to do and can do at this very moment without conforming to societal “pressures”. Yet, realise and will always know that everything changes with due course, yet still cannot be any more grateful for even those changes. Those changes come from God, gratitude at its best. Thank you Lord Almighty Allah.

“No-one is going to love, cherish nor appreciate you as much as you should and will for yourself. So go at it. In the most humblest manner, Love yourself away first and foremost and don’t forget it.” …because when you truly love and adore yourself in the most humblest, grounded manner, you will shine, blossom and of course that love will genuinely spread towards others, simply.

“When you love yourself first, it gets easier to love others. Keep the cycle going. Always come back and check in with yourself.”

I love you because you truly listen to yourself and your gut when you have a feeling about something, even with the benefit of the doubt, or taking chances as you should, you still come around and know exactly what is the best outcome for you. Because you need to in order to leave the negativity behind, to move forward, to progress and spring back up in another and better direction for you.

Again, I love you and will always love. You are beautiful inside and out. Simply. Alhamdulillah..x

-T ..x