Magical Moments ..x

“In the midst of chaos, there is wisdom, goodness and simply, peace.”

When these magical moments appear, I feel it all again. These magical moments come from my memories when relaxing and from sentimental pieces. Be it from a photograph/s or even an item, also be it big or small, it certainly means something to one of my magical memories from the past mind I had once restored and where it had remained until I started to remember it all over again. Thank Goodness for such reminders now and then. I can keep cherishing them and smile over them, bringing further peace to my heart, mind, body and soul. x

So why so magical?…well, those little moments that I once enjoyed, loved, cherished, awed over every time, was actually from my travels. Simply put haha. My travels were where I thrived in every part of my being. I was able to engross in all of the culture, the way of peoples’ lives out here and there, the connections with the locals and the families, the close international friends I now call some of my closest-friends even when they are off the pond and many miles and miles away, they are still very much close as I am I to them. Not forgetting the foods of the world, the explorations, the trails, the soaking in more of the customs and following the differences in every aspect really, truly excites my whole part of my being.

When sometimes current chaotic moments erupt without control, I realise there is this very goodness within it all. You only see it and feel it when you seek it. In every chaos, rush or madness, there is some kind of peace within it all. How so? Well, sometimes having quite the bit of responsibility as we all do at times, can lead to a place where a lot is expected of you now and even further down, you may feel like it is a burden to you without realising that feeling, and say, even further down, resentment starts to build. Better yet, you get betrayed by those closest to you and you at one point and to whom you once trusted perhaps. Maybe so or not, but for the sake of saying, this can happen.

But within every part of these stages and when the outcome erupts, you then realise you must stop, you start to withdraw, take a breather and you then reflect and shift the focus (and usually for the better). And that’s the beauty of it, when you start to shift focus and revaluate your priorities, things get better. But again, you need to have some negative moments in order to appreciate what you have, where you’re going, what you’re doing now and next and appreciate that moment even more. Yes, Magical. 😉

My magical does not mean that it’s pure sorcery haha. No No, my magical refers to the metaphors of wisdom, goodness, beauty and all things wonderful and peaceful, that cannot be seen but felt and it just so feels “magical”, wonderful. And that comes from faith, even when you cannot get all those great feelings and moments, it of course, does exist. We just can’t have those moments all the time. It would not make sense otherwise.

I believe in Heaven/Paradise and I know that’s where all the goodness and peace is and that is never-ending. So for now, at least we get to have and experience snippets of these magical moments whilst on this Earth. May we prosper even when we fall, may we rise in the most humblest, gracious, wonderful manner even if it’s temporary. May those good reminders help us and guide us to the straight path. Ameen/Amen. ..x

Magical moments also appear when I write about them haha. When I have time for me and only me for myself. Because I need it, I cherish it, I love it and when I do, I get to give back even more than my already giving nature haha. Only this time, with extra caution and care.

Magical moments are awesome. Magical for a reason. Find yours ..x


-T ..x