My Utopia..x

“Life moves so fast, you gotta document the good times, man.” : )

– B.Boi

When life currently feels like a place for wanting to escape to utopia…a utopian-like world, that was once ‘perfect’ or seemingly perfect for those who really enjoyed growing up in a way that is now still considerably cherished πŸ™‚ …not to say the present today is not at all cherishing…perhaps some time needs to be taken to cherish this moment too…haha. Still grateful.

Well, the 90’s kid as a teenager. A feel-good times, back to memory lane…a time of GREAT times.. πŸ™‚ ..x

The girl who loved listening to her indie, soft-pop rock songs that were not at all intimidating, within the likes of The All American Rejects to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, RnB to the definite 80’s and 2000’s classics, even to the classic country tunes, how she loved a bit of everything.

The fifteen-sixteen-seventeen year old girl who once enjoyed her fun yet innocent concert-going days with u me at six, Imagine Dragons, popular artists to the more underground shows…how she loved and still loves the arts of live performances.

The girl who loved reading her manga and all things kawaii. And with the love of all languages in general, she was like a sponge, soaking up anything she hears and tries to learn it further.

The girl who was always fascinated about history, DNA, origin of genetics, love of mixes, colour and more.

The girl who loved playing her once electric to acoustic guitar, strumming to Seven Nation Army’s white stripes in her once formed girls-only soft rock band…haha. Good times.

The girl who loved the great out-doors, hiking, camping, stoving, and breathing in the cool, breezy fresh air, off the great lakes and nature reserves of the UK.

The girl who loved playing games with her family and friends, whether it be sega-mega drive, to pokeman, yu-gi-oh, to the upgrades to the PlayStation with dynasty warriors to one of the racing car games. Yup those games were the ones.

The girl who loved her arcade going days with her old school friends of the past, to a place where Trocadero had once existed.

The girl who loved taking visits to the forestry woods and bbq-ing with friends off the out-of hours moments…yet still managed to be very sensible about everything… πŸ™‚

The girl who even loved the woods so much that she took paint-balling to the next level..was always so much fun!

The girl who also loved playing tag in all its form with all her neighbour friends, school friends and family friends…the love of tag outdoors. Good times. X

The girl who loved to rock climb and boulder with a friend to her…a friend she personally felt comfortable around, her rock-climbing-buddy…now, as it becomes a feel-good fond memory from time to time.

The girl who always took the time to figure out the rubik’s-cube…still never tried hard enough to master the total formula for it but hey, it was often fun to try and solve now and then.

The girl who overall just loved adventure and exploring, exploring, exploring and more exploring to this present day, because she knows there was and is always more to see, do, learn and to keep going.

That time, those places, my safe space, ideal place, sweet place, fun place, simple place… call it nostalgia…to me, is now simply utopian…without any fuss. Simply simple yet precious… πŸ™‚

With simple dedication to all things 90’s and growing up with it as a teenager and more..x

With love & care to the once sixteen-year old T,

With love & care,

-T ..x The Simpler times