“Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by the hearts.”


When yearning for simplicity is a form of luxury. Strange, but delve into it, and it will make sense. -T.Tenni x

Humbly, the subtle touch brushed from arm to arm. Ever so subtly, the sweetness felt through that simple touch, sweet affection and love.

Whilst the gift of giving just gets better, with surprised eyes, followed by magnificent expressions, the gift of giving gifts likens to some of their tastes, and please it will. It’s his or her love language after all.

Those beautiful, words warming the heart and making one feel comfortable, cared for, cosy, loved, appreciated heard and more, biased may one be hehe. To those acknowledged, beautiful words of affirmation, truly makes the heart feel ignited and charged up.

Helping one with the heavy or the light, with the helpings here and there for another form of appreciation, the acts of service allows for more room for team work, private praises and of course that sweet love.

The language of love, starting subtle yet magnificently beautiful…and depending on the depths, the intentions, the purity, the love. Such sweetness, it is..x

What’s your love language :), mine is mainly words of affirmation and acts of service aligned, whilst the rest may follow humbly and sweetly. haha (blushing, covers face in shyness)..x

“No relationship should ever make you feel lonely and less. For what is then the reason to be in one, if one’s own company was already then enough…”

🙂 Beautiful. ..x