The Knower ..x

“Emotions makes us human. Denying them makes us beasts.” – V.Klein

As humans, it’s beautiful to remember and recognise them when we do; our own thoughts and emotions but the art is knowing how to control it/them. How do we stop this from happening? 🙂

We have these anxious moments, terrifying moments, fearful moments, worrying moments, sad moments, frustrating moments etc, unmindfully and unknowingly to come to terms with purely to understand our own existence, to learn more about ourself inside and out. And being a believer of one God Almighty alone, the belief in having these moments, whatever that may be is to simply remember to return to Him, to remember Him, to appreciate Him, to thank Him and most importantly, to Trust Him wholeheartedly x. how peaceful. beautiful and humbling, the thought of that.

To purely remember all of that. Because through everyday life circumstances and changes we tend to have, we tend to either forget or get distracted, get deterred and shift our priorities once again. And through these moments, it is then, when we can re-shift our everyday controlled thoughts and return to the One that will never disappoint, and for me, that is from God alone. x Beautiful. x

-T ..x