Prompted by thought and feeling..x

The irony and bitter truth about sentiment and being sentimental is about the great experiences and fond memories that came from something you can’t have or get those experiences the same way again…or maybe you can, one day haha. Recognising those beautiful and elegance at its finest…beautiful but bitter…bitter sweet..haha. ..x

Fun times, fond moments and memories to reminisce over. We all have had those moments with special few people in our lives like family, friends and even with those special few that we once crossed paths with.

It’s always about the present moments, but sometimes, certain points or times or during a quiet moment or a wondering thought, do these memories then come back to light :).

Why do these specific moments or memories tend to linger though?…because to one, it was special, simply put. it’s been archived in one’s memory bank haha and one can be sentimental about it all. One loves to experience life to the fullest and holds meanings to great people, places and environments as it comes by God’s perfect timing and through His plan (whether in a good or bad way).

“Love as a power can go anywhere. It isn’t sentimental. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Yet is doesn’t deny pain.”

Remembering that every good memory was a great experience, and every bad memory in the midst of it was a lesson to be learned. God truly loves us because of all these different kinds of experiences. Again, to truly humble us, to show His power and control, rightfully so. He is God!

Such beautiful and simply put reads that resonates so well, haha. leaving one to nod, nod, laugh and nod some more in agreement :). Cannot be more true! Haha 🙂 I’ve read it, why don’t you too :),

With love,